iPhone 12 Protective Case With Ring Holder

  • 360° protective case

    If you haven’t used a ring holder yet, you’re in for a treat. Or maybe your friend or older family member is new to it! They’ll love it! Ring holders aren’t just to add extra grip on your iPhone. Though it does accomplish that, because it rotates 360 degrees, so you get a secure hold no matter how you angle your phone to fit everyone in the group picture!

    Something as simple as anchoring your phone to your finger gives you a much steadier hold on your phone, and a steady hold means crisp, clearer photos!

    The ring holder on this case also functions as a stand. Prop your phone on your desk or bed tray and watch Netflix while holding (and inhaling) a cup of coffee in one hand and a petit four in the other.

    The ring holder has its basic, functional thrills, and the case has its heavy-duty, 360 degree protection for your beloved iPhone.

    The rubber grip adds to nice, secure feel of having it in your hand. And despite its dual layer protection, the soft TPU and the polycarbonate hard shell stay sleek, not bulky.